Online payments made easy

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What is Ebix Online Payment Gateway?

Ebix Online Payment Gateway is an online payment module that can be easily added to your website. Online payment has grown to become a common method of paying bills and purchasing products. It is popular with both consumers and businesses because of the ease and convenience it delivers for all. Read below to find out how.

The Winning Benefits of OPG

Customers will appreciate the ease and convenience of being able to pay online at any time, anywhere. Staff will be pleased at the time they have to concentrate on other things thanks to its automated processing. Ebix Online Payment Gateway really does deliver benefits to everyone.

An added bonus are the marketing opportunities it creates for your business. Bringing clients to your website offers the possibility of informing them of other products, signing them up for newsletters and increased brand awareness. It's a win, win, win. Best of all it's affordable (more affordable than you think) and it replaces any need for an EFTPOS machine. 

What Makes OPG so Easy?

  • Turn your site into an e-commerce website without having to start from scratch. Installed into your existing website, Ebix Online Payment Gateway is the easiest way to join the e-commerce market
  • You have the choice of Ebix hosting the OPG via an iFrame or a pop-up
  • In partnership with Westpac, Ebix manages all aspects of establishing and operating an Online Payment Gateway.
  • Modern minimal design, blending into your website seamlessly
  • OPG is supported by your Ebix broking system, so uploading payment files is a breeze and manual processing is eliminated

Online payments made easy

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